Mold Removal

Mold Removal

The truth of the matter is that mold is living all over us. Like pollen, mold spores are floating in the air all the time. This means that human beings can breath them and they get deposited in the throat, nose, and lungs. Some of the common sources of airborne molds include home air ducts, wallpaper, stored vegetables and fruits, decaying leaves, humidifiers, old upholstered furniture, poorly ventilated closets, carpeting, damp basements, and bathrooms. Some of these deposits can also be found on paper products, wood, rubber, cloth, and leather. Water damage and growth of mold go hand in hand and is a big challenge to most homeowners.

In case you are looking for ways of controlling mold around you, all you need to do is change the settings that encourage their growth. This articles will look at some of the tips that can help you in eradicating and preventing molds from growing.

The first tip is using dry cleaning fluid to remove mold from wood floors. If the mold has been deeply embedded in the wood, you can either use a disinfectant or bleaching agent. You also need to re-wax the surface so as to restore its original shine. All that molds need to thrive is a wet and damp environment. You can prevent them from growing back by putting the right ventilation in your space. Severe darkening and yellowing of old floors of wood mainly arises from several years of applying vanishes and this is not a problem of molds. You can treat such surfaces by just refinishing your floors.

You can also experience the growth of mold in home humidifiers unless you regularly and thoroughly clean it out. If you realize that there is a green slimy growth floating in your chamber, it is a clear indication of mold. The green growth can result into airborne spores that may circulate around your house as the blower continues to work.

Also, make sure that your bathroom is clean all the time as they can also be susceptible to the growth of mold if they remain dirty for extended periods. If you are not able to clean your bathroom on a daily basis, it’s wise to sponge out your bathroom area at least once every week and then use a liquid disinfectant cleaner. The ideal order will be floor, wall, toilet, tub, sink, and mirror. Wear protective garments, safety goggles, and rubber gloves.

The best technique of removing mold from your home is elimination. Exhaust fans can do an excellent job when it comes to removing excess moisture frim your bathroom. In case it is dirty outside, leave the doors and windows open to allow for proper ventilation. You can also install an UV light inside the closet to keep the molds under control. Washing, airing, and sunning your mattresses, rugs, and pillows on a regular basis can also prevent the growth and multiplication of molds.

Molds can result into multiple forms of respiratory problems such as asthma, runny nose, sore throat, headaches, and severe allergies. In case your house is contaminated with water damage or mold, you will find these tips to be helpful. However, in case the problem is beyond your ability, its better to hire an experienced mold removal consultant like Fort Lauderdale Restoration. The company will inspect the home and help in clearing the growth. These professionals can also recommend some structural changes in your home that can prevent the accumulation of moisture and even suggest possible ways of reducing the growth of mold.